If your hallway is anything like mine used to be it may well be an area full of shoes, coats and unopened envelopes. Using a simple formula of storage versus design I was able to makeover my hallway so that it no longer feels like it is there to haunt me as I open my front door after a busy day. Follow these simple tips to give your hallway a makeover that you can be proud of.

Welcome Home

Yes, you really should feel welcome when you enter your own home because if you feel comfortable and confident rather than embarrassed about any clutter this will translate to any guests that you invite round.

It may seem obvious but the best place to begin is with a good tidy up, try to work out what needs to be kept in your hallway, what can be moved to other places within your home and what can be thrown away. Unopened junk mail can very quickly get out of hand making a place look untidy so work through your envelopes, shred what you no longer need and make a pile of what you do. Just this simple measure should leave you feeling much better.

Shoe Shy?

Shoes are a necessity in life, I am not disputing this, but the problem is where is the best place to keep them? The take up an awful lot of space and it is handy if they are near the front door so they are easily accessible when you are going out, storage is the answer here.

There are lots of great solutions to help, one of my favourites is a hallway storage unit, these wooden benches have a solid top where you could plug in a table lamp and your telephone which gives an organised and homely feel. Under the unit there is space for 3 wicker baskets, these baskets are stunning in a vintage floral design or in a dark wicker to compliment the rest of your hallway and are the perfect space saver for keeping all those shoes tidy.

If space it at a premium go for a good solid, shoe-rack. It is worth making sure that the one you buy is sturdy as the cheaper ones tend to wobble throwing shoes off everywhere, remember not to overload your shoe rack so that it still looks effortlessly tidy!

Image of shoes

Shoes can make a place look untidy without good storage.
Source: Image supplied by British Ceramic Tile Ltd.

Papers – Just Perfect!

As I have mentioned paperwork is a common cause of clutter in a home, especially with the quantities of junk mail that lands on our doormats nearly every day. Taking control and staying organised is the key to keeping on top of things; a little each day has got to be a lot less time-consuming than spending a few hours (at least) trawling through lots of paperwork once a year.

A letter rack is a lovely decorative piece that offers a great solution to those bills and letters that have been opened but you have not yet had the time to process. Look out for pretty racks that can be wall mounted if surface space is at a premium. choose colours that compliment your hall but ensure that it has lots of storage potential too. There are also some stunning antique letter racks available at antique fairs all over the country. Be sure to sort through your letter rack every couple of days if you can to ensure it does not get too cluttered.

There is bound to be business cards, leaflets and takeaway menus that you really want to keep handy, if this is the case you simply cannot go wrong with a memo holder. I love the handmade fabric coated ones that are popping up on the internet, I was able to order one recently in the perfect colour to compliment my home and as the paper is held in with ribbons there is no need for worrying about pins. If you manage to not overfill your memo board they are a great space saver that would look lovely hung in your hallway.

Memo Board

A memo board is great for storing business cards and menus so that they are easy to find.
Source; Image kindly supplied by Handmade with Love Cards and all Things Nice by Smart Cards.

Coat Capers….

Lots of coats hung over your banister, on door handles and over the radiators can really make your hallway look smaller and untidy. If you have coats that you are not going to be wearing for a while pack them away in a space-saving vacuum bag, these clever storage ideas claim to give you 200% more storage as they are compressed keeping your spare coats free of moths, dust and damp.

Once you have whittled down the number of coats you need purchase yourself a wooden coat stand, these round, space-saving stands add a lovely feeling of nostalgia in a home and are very useful. If space does not permit a coat stand you could consider having some coat pegs fixed inside your under the stairs cupboard (if you have one) keeping them out of sight.

Finishing Touches

So, now you have a lovely, tidy hallway that may still be crying out for some extra TLC. Finishing touches such as scented candles that create a lovely aroma as you open your front door, canvas prints and flowers will make a massive difference. If your hallway is feeling dark, a large mirror is great for bouncing light around the area and for a last minute make-up check on your way out of the door!

Decorative lights can be a useful way to bring an extra “something” to the hallway and these are not just for Christmas! Lights that are on strings can be draped over pictures or around doorways, I love the flower design ones, they are so pretty, but do be mindful of cables, they ideally need to be hidden and tacked along the edge of a doorway or skirting board as it can look unsightly if they are too visible.

Other decorative items that add style to a hallway are pretty pen-pots, note holders and a floral design address book. All of these decorative items are fairly inexpensive but really make a difference in helping to create a homely and stylish hallway that you really can be proud of.

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Thanks for reading, happy designing 🙂