In the times when making your own has never been so popular we have seen the Craft Trend fully emerging in the world of home design. Celebrities such as Kirsty Allsop have been promoting through television programs the principles of up-cycling furniture, making pretty decorations and gorgeous quilts to help to adorn ones home. I personally love this trend as homeowners can do as little or as much as they wish but can add a real personal stamp to their home.

So, would you have  a go at this trend if you are not particularly “crafty”? Please read on and leave your comments below.

In this series of articles we explore the craft trend and how it could be injected into individual rooms, starting with the kitchen.

What is the Craft Trend in home design?

When thinking about this trend there can be so many different elements to experiment with, these include crochet, handpainted canvas, knitted homewares and pretty hand decorated accessories to name just a few. If you are not a dab hand at making craft’s there are lot’s of handmade businesses cropping up all over the UK to provide unique and pretty pieces for your home – remember with the craft trend less is more.

Here are my top tips for incorporating craft’s into your kitchen, you don’t need to tackle all of these, just simply experiment with what suits you and your style.

Kitchen Design Idea’s

As the hub of your home the kitchen is an easy room to add a touch of crafty magic; Here are some ideas…….

Handmade Fridge Magnets –  These are simple to make and they look great. Wooden clothes pegs with a stick on magnet adhered to the back make lovely clips to display photos on your fridge. You can decorate your peg magnets however you like by sticking on a badge (with the pin removed), some dried flowers or even a pretty coloured button – use your imagination and see where it takes you with this simple home craft.

Crochet Teapot Cosy – These colourful little pieces have made a massive comeback, if you are good at crochet use multi-coloured  wool’s to create a bright teapot cosy that is both functional (keeping your cuppa at optimum temperature) and bang on the craft trend. Don’t worry if knitting is not your thing, there are lots of teapot cosy’s available on the high street and online right now.

I love this stunning design by the fabulous FlowerpotCrochet, they are so fun and very reasonably priced.

Image of Teapot Cosy

Pretty bright coloured crochet Teapot Cosy by FlowerpotCrochet.
Source: Image kindly supplied by FlowerpotCrochet.

Hand Decorated Plates – Pottery Painting Cafe’s are popping up in many towns around the UK. This is such a fun way to spend a morning, you get to grab a cuppa and some cake whilst you can unleash your creativity with paints and colours on all sorts of ready made pottery items.

After you have painted your pottery you simply leave the experts at the cafe to fire them for you. Why not create a set of hand painted plates to display in your kitchen? They don’t have to be perfect as this is some of the charm of the craft trend – don’t hold back, just have fun and I am sure you may well uncover a hidden hobby for you to indulge in once in a while – why stop at the plates!

Hand Decorated Vase – I love to see a small vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen table, it adds a lovely homely charm whatever the age or style of your property.

Here is where anyone of any crafting ability, can create an individual piece for their home. Simply take a small glass vase, make sure it is thoroughly clean and dry. Begin by using a strong craft glue (suitable for sticking on glass, your local craft or hobby shop will be able to advise) and carefully stick whatever you fancy to the outside. I have seen this done with different pastel coloured ribbons wrapped around the glass in stripes and secured with the glue, it was such a pretty idea. You could stick anything you fancy –  think buttons, beads, crystals or sequins. It is a good idea to steer clear of anything very delicate (such as paper) as it may get a splash of water on it if you are using fresh flowers in the vase – take care to keep the decoration as dry as possible when you are rinsing out your vase.

Memo Board – Never leave anything off your shopping list again with a hand made memo board in your kitchen. Whether you create a ceramic, wipe clean memo board when you are at your local Pottery Painting Cafe or treat yourself to one of these lovely slate memo boards to chalk yourself a reminder to get the milk or put the bins out they are a really lovely crafty idea for your kitchen wall. Such a lovely touch that looks great but helps to keep you organised through your busy days.

Image of slate board.

A stunning slate board by Handmade with Love Cards and all things Nice by Smart -Cards. Source: Image kindly supplied by Handmade with Love cards and all things nice by Smart – Cards.


The kitchen is such a fun place to add lot’s of extra craft trend touches, don’t go overboard keep it simple but feel free to experiment!

Have you experimented with the craft trend in your home? I would love to hear your comments.

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Happy crafting 🙂