If you are looking to re-tile your bathroom but are finding the choice of products available on the market overwhelming, you are certainly not alone as this is a very common dilema faced by many homeowners and landlords. If you are looking for some inspiration or tiling ideas for bathrooms I have put together some simple tips that will help you to create a great end result whatever your budget or taste.

Using clean, white tiles to create more light.

White is a timeless colour for a tile that feels so clean and fresh, it is a great way of creating a feeling of light and space in the smallest of rooms and there is so much choice available, especially for those that are on a budget. If you decide to use white tiles for your bathroom think about what your preferred end result will be, if you are looking to attract light then look for white tiles that have a large surface area to bounce more sunshine or artificial brightness around the room. Search for white tiles that are a minimum of 198 x 248 millimetres in size, if you would like to add a little more subtle detail choose “bumpy” tiles, these are very gently textured to add more reflection. Glossy white tiles are a fairly cost effective choice and can be made to look much more expensive with a natural stone or glass decor strip running around the room, the decors can be a little more costly but when balanced with the lower cost of the wall tiles it is a great choice.

Riven White Tiles

Riven White by British Ceramic Tile BCT08996 – an example of using white tiles with a strip.

Tiles with an easy care surface finish

For those amongst us that are very busy the last thing we want to do is spend too long scrubbing our new bathroom tiles to keep them in tip top condition. If you are looking to spend a little more on a product that requires nothing more than water and a cloth, check out the ‘Ceramicplus’ finished tiles from Villeroy and Boch. These clever tiles eliminate the need for harsh cleaning products and chemicals being spread around the room, great for those that are conscious of not wanting to use too many harsh ingredients . The ranges available are superb and include the stunning Paper Moods, the products are certainly more luxurious and would suit those that are looking to reduce cleaning within the bathroom.

Natural shades

As tiles are manufactured from natural materials it is a lovely idea to incorporate natural colours such as beiges, browns and greys into your bathroom. These types of shades are complimented by a crisp white bathroom suite perfectly and it suits pretty much any property age. If your bathroom has a tendency to be a bit on the darker side opt for lighter beige’s rather than dark browns as this will help to open the room right up. Of course when you are trying to bring an element of nature in it does help to incorporate some natural stone products, there are a variety of strips and mosaics on the market. If you decide to purchase some natural stone check with your tile supplier as the majority of these products will need to be sealed prior to fixing, this essential process protects them and keeps their colours looking vibrant.

Dartmoor Naturals Tiles

Dartmoor Naturals Range by British Ceramic Tile, brings natural colours together.

Floral tiles

Floral has never been so modern as far as tile manufacture goes, there are a variety of pretty florals available in both subtle or more bold designs. The floral trend has been greatly improved by the roller technology used to print tiles in modern tile manufacturing; the end result is sharp, clear floral patterns that compliment a modern home beautifully.

Isadore Floral Tiles

Isadore Floral White and Isadore Floral Black on White by Laura Ashley.

Wall and floor

When it comes to tiling your bathroom walls and floors many people are divided on whether wall tiles should match floor tiles or just compliment each other, my personal preference is to tile right to the floor (with no skirting boards) and compliment the colours on the wall with a different colour or shade on the floor, of course this is just my opinion and there is no right or wrongs. More often that not when a supplier releases a new range the floor tile in the selection will be a complimenting one. I wrote a very in depth article on this fairly recently, you can read it for more information by clicking here.

So you see as far as tiling ideas for bathrooms goes the list is endless but these are a few on my hot picks to help you to make the right choice for you.