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OK, our lives are just so busy and with all the modern technology available to us it is both a blessing and a curse as it can be difficult to find a place to switch off and unwind. I was thinking just today that I could do with some escapism time and it inspired me to write this short post. Here are my top tips and ideas for building that special place within your home, first of all you need to choose the best room, in my experience the bathroom and bedroom are ideal;


This seems quite an obvious room to chill out and escape with a hot bath and nice book, if you are lucky enough to be renovating your bathroom think about how best to make the room a place for quiet and calm. When you are choosing your new bath think about the shape and size with relaxation in mind, the larger the bath the better, if you can get one with the taps in the middle of the bath (double ended bath) you have both ends free and don’t have to stretch too far to add some more hot water. If you can afford the extra go for a whirl pool bath that has gentle jets to bubble and ease out tired muscles, just be sure to check that it is not too much of a noisy model or this will do nothing to help you unwind.

Willow Tile range

Earthy, neutral colours work well to create a relaxing space.

When you buy your bathroom tiles think about soft natural tones such as beiges or grey’s, it is easier to relax around warm earthy colours.

Think carefully about the lighting in the bathroom, on one hand it needs to be good enough to be able to do your make up in the mirror but on the other hand you don’t want stark lighting when you are soaking in the bath. If you can, go for lighting that is adjustable or turn off all lights and use lots of scented candles to create a pretty glow and a comforting aroma. The flickering of candle light is very therapeutic in itself.

Other touches such as soft fluffy towels warming on a towel rail and some gentle music works wonders in helping you to relax. I would even be inclined to add a bath pillow or roll up a large towel to pop behind your head.

If you are not in a position to revamp your whole bathroom, don’t worry, some new towels, some luxury scented candles and some soft music will go a long way to creating a serene environment.

Your Bedroom

This is another room that is regarded as a space to unwind, do yourself a big favour and omit tablets, computers or phones from the bedroom during the times you are wanting to relax. These devices are all great to help us with our busy lives but they are a major stimulant and will keep you mentally alert even if they are switched to silent mode.

An hour before you want to relax open the bedroom windows and close any curtains or blinds so that the room is cool enough to be comfortable. If it is winter, do the opposite and put the heating on so that you can create an environment where you will not be too hot nor too cold.

Choose where you want to relax, if you would like to lay on the bed choose a snuggly thrown to pull over you and lot’s of cushions so that you can be comfy and supported. If you have dimmer lights switch them to their lowest setting so that the light is soft and gentle, some scented candles in lavender or orange blossom will create a nice atmosphere.

If your bedroom is cluttered this might be a good time to have a tidy up, popping things away into storage boxes. If your room is full of make up and perfumes there are lot’s of bespoke style storage solutions available for everything from nail polishes right through to make up brushes. A clean, tidy room will help you to really enjoy your relaxation time – just be sure that you will not be disturbed, let everyone in the house know that you need some time where you will not be interrupted.

Another tip is to use a light, relaxing room spray, these can usually be sprayed over your bed linen and around the room to create a relaxing aroma. I like ‘Quietude’ by Temple Spa.


With a little preparation and thought you can create somewhere to get away from it all whatever the size or style of your home, do it as often as you can and you will reap the rewards of a more rested and laid back you.